Cell Singing Saves a Planet

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An Adventure

The mutt dog who ran for president and won

Her malamute husband Stieff Peaceful-Tail

Her best friend and confident Ralph the jazz-composer-cat

Silvo the rat who invented Cell-Singing and wrote The Rat Sutras

Isacc Crow who founded The Church of Crow

And Dr. Miranda Smith; the cow who won the Noble Prize for medicine

They are all together again for the 100 year anniversary of The Awakening:
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The Characters

Dr. Morningstar

Mixed-race canine, poodle-terrier mutt, first female and non-human president of the former United States, theoretical mathematician, educator and humanimaltarian.

Stieff Peaceful-Tail
Stieff Peaceful-Tail

Pronounced Styfe, rhymes with knife, named after Steiff German stuffed animals by his former owner. Blond Malamute canine, President and founder of the Aboriginal Animal Guild, and husband to Morningstar.

Ralph the jazz cat
Ralph the Jazz Cat

Feline, grey striped tabby, best friend of Morningstar and composer, teacher and musician, Founder of Pound Freedom Initiative, drug rehabilitation coach, Fire Walking for Felines, (FWF).

Silvo Rat
Professor Silvo Rat

Inventor of Cell Singing for life extension and healing, winner of Nobel Prize for medicine 2076, visiting professor at MIT, co-inventor of Simu-meat and Solar Powered Space Vehicle, active on the Board of Mice in Space Initiative, and Cities In Orbit Coalition (COC).

Reverend Issac Crow
Reverend Issac Crow

Founder of the Church of Crow, and The League of Flying Workers, founding member of the Earthworm Soil Regeneration Project, activist in The Human Population Stabilization Project (HPSP) and The World Eco Village Project.

Dr. Miranda Smith
Dr. Miranda Smith

Jersey Cow, co-inventor of Simu-meat, which ended the Mad Cow Wars, founding member of Earthworm Soil Regeneration Project (ESRP), creator of the Species Specific Diet and Clinic.

Author: Zoe Zuniga

Zoe Zuniga Author

Zoe Zuniga is an artist and techi living in the San Francisco Bay Area



Dolphin Poem

From the book: Aboriginal Non-human Languages
Recorded from the oral traditional farm animal prayer
Translated and compiled by Steiff Peaceful-Tail,
published in 2075

Blessed be the crow people for they are made of humor
and are loyal to family and mate all the days of their lives.
They are sharp and witty and fill the world with play.

Blessed be the dog people for they are made of love
and nurture the wicked human, purging the world of evil
and healing the sins that human kind has cast upon the world.
As the human soils the world so the dog cleanses
the human heart, purifying the world.

Blessed be the Dolphin people for are made of grace
and have studied human kind
and act as mediators between the oceans and the humans.

Blessed be the feline people for they are made of cunning
and cull the weak and wicked from the tribes of grazers
and choose among the good and evil humans.

Blessed be the rat people for they are made of kindness
and share the way of cell singing with us all.

Blessed be the insect people for they are made of energy
and are the guardians of plant pollination
and ecological balance.
They clean the filth and till the soil.

Blessed be the horse people for they are made of patience
and are gentle in their teaching of human kind.

Blessed be the human people for they are made of thought
and have shared their gifts of language and technology with all the earth.


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